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100% cotton t-shirts shrink after each washing until they choke my chest, but these cotton/poly blend shirts stay the same size. They’re well-made, comfortable, breathable, lightweight, tagless, 50% cotton/50% polyester, durable, economical, and almost perfect except for the prominent permanent CREASE running down the middle. Washing, wearing, and even ironing does not remove it.

I Bought these to wear under my work t-shirts, and the fit wonderfully, and I opted for the XL. I am an electrician, and work overhead quite a bit, and I can go all day without having them come un-tucked. Nice and light, and the sleeves fit tight to the arm, so they aren’t bunching up under the sleeve of your over-shirt. Also have a low enough collar that they don’t stick out under a standard tshirt. Would definitely buy again.